Wednesday, February 9, 2011

week 21_Around town

The Chinese New Year is based on the Lunar calendar, and the people remark to me often about how surprisingly accurate that calendar is... The actual days vary per year. While I was gone to Olympia, Taipei was transitioning from winter into spring. Upon my return it was immediately obvious that the cold had left and the warmer temperatures and sunshine had already moved in!

It's hard to capture the beauty of a sunny day in a photograph...
Here are some of my pictures from wandering my last few days of the break...

A Chinese New Year store, selling decorations!
As you can see, the colors are Red & Gold

More hand-painted lanterns surrounding the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

Rabbits around the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall - Year of the Rabbit
Walking path around Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
Sunshine & a beautiful 72 degrees!

More sunshine dancing in the trees

Chinese New Year decorations hanging at a door

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