Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 20_Olympia, WA Vacation

This year, my first Chinese New Year, I decided to spend the majority of the holiday in Olympia, WA. Primary objective being to meet my new niece... but I had also been forewarned that Taipei turns into somewhat of a ghost town during the holidays. Traditionally, families travel to wherever they are from to spend time with family for New Years dinners and celebrations - so for the city of Taipei, that means there is a giant pilgrimage to the south end of the island. Most people were not actually born and raised in Taipei, so they still have elders to visit in southern Taiwan. There are specific traditions - such as which night is spent with the wife's family versus the husband's family, and so on - but I am savvy on all of those details yet.

Whatever the case, some R&R in the States sounded like the best getaway for this particular year and I am so glad I went! Olympia, Washington is a small-ish, somewhat quaint town about an hour outside of Seattle. It was the perfect getaway from my big city life: picturesque Mount Rainier in the distance, the Puget Sound bay at the bottom of the hillside, family to share my time with. Plus - bonus - it hardly rained a drop while I was there. It was cold, but the sun was shining, and the whole trip was very refreshing. I truly enjoy living in a big city with lots going on around me at all times... but, in contrast, it makes me appreciate a small, cozy town like Olympia even more.
Me with the little Zoe monkey
I spent my getaway feasting on home-cooked American food, reading a good book, spending time with my new niece, painting... I think that was about it! Being there always makes me long for more good food, and simplicity in my own life.

Wildly enough, much of the US was in the midst of a giant winter storm for the majority of my visit. I can't remember a time when Oklahoma AND Texas have gotten so much snow & ice all at once! My husband had initially planned to meet me in Olympia, but was unable to due to the weather - so that was a huge bummer. We certainly hope he is able to come to Taiwan soon. Thankfully, I had little Ms. Zoe to keep me company and distract me from his absence. :)

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