Wednesday, February 9, 2011

week 21_back to Taipei

Upon returning to Taiwan, I still had 3 days left of the Chinese New Year holiday. 

Day 1: SLEEP... I was pretty much in and out of nap mode for the entire day & night (Impressive, I know).

Day 2: EAT... After all of that sleeping, I was in serious need of some activity and some grub. Many of the smaller restaurants, the Mom 'n' Pop shops, and the food stands
were still closed for the holiday. But having eaten Western food in the States 
for the past few days, I was in a rather adventurous mood and I managed 
to find a street vendor in business. Basically, for this particular type of food stand, 
you choose the items you'd like to eat - meats and veggies - and then the vendor 
deep fries them all for a quick moment... Just long enough to create a crispy outside,
with the fresh inside. Not to fret - Meats, are typically pre-cooked.

I chose some fried chicken and mushrooms.
Bag with Chicken, mushrooms, spices, & skewers
[The Taiwanese prefer not to eat "finger foods" with their hands
- these skewers are pretty common]

 I realize how appealing this might sound and/or look (sarcasm)... 
but it was ok, minus the chicken bones...

Day 3: SHOP!... What better way to celebrate the New Year than to support the local economy and spend some of that Chinese New Year bonus that had been burning a hole in my pocket?! Ha. I was not the only one...!

It felt like the majority of Taipei had the same grand idea as me. The stores were packed and so was the MRT. Regardless, it was really nice to get out. The weather was faaabulous and I walked a lot that day too, sightseeing the many Chinese New Year decorations. I also ended up taking home some new shoes :)

Hand-painted lanterns suspended above the balconies of the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

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