Wednesday, February 9, 2011

*** Fashion Example ***

Okay, okay.
So I have mentioned more than once now that sometimes the fashion here is a little different then the US... BUT I haven't had the heart - or the opportunities - to photograph wild fashion very often, without fear of embarrassing someone else or myself!

Well, I had a moment - so here it is! 
Just for reference, this is certainly not what every woman here would wear, but it is also not that unusual! Asia has it's own fashion sense... and it sometimes seems pretty nonsensical to these American eyes! The good news though, is that I feel like I can pretty much leave my house wearing whatever! That comes in handy every now and then! :) Ha.

Never mind where the hand is in this picture...
This photograph was taken in a department store, headed up the escalator.
So... the ensemble appears to be:

Striped sweater dress, check.
Cream lace hoodie, check.
Black knee-high socks with bright red hearts pattern, check.
Furry reddish-brown ankle boots, check.
Gray leather purse, check. 

You tell me - did I miss anything?

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  1. Ha ha what fashion! You can really have fun with this look! Lizzie the socks are so you! Anyway, it would be fun to do a little mix and match, don't you think?