Thursday, September 29, 2011

week 54_what's New for Me

Here's your pic of the week ~ taken by Jason one night headed home from work. Due to his evening schedule, he is sometimes on the last MRT train of the evening and gets to experience the only empty MRT cars you'll ever see (the last run of the evening). I should ask him to take a video for you all... it's amusing to watch the cars snake around the curves when the train is empty enough to see quite a few cars at once.

This particular MRT line (the blue line) runs East to West and we both take this to and from work each day. The MRT fare to or from my office, one-way, is 18 NTD with a pre-paid MRT card. That's about $0.50 USD per trip. It definitely beats our transportation expenses in Dallas! [New truck + insurance + gas prices...]

Taipei MRT Blue Line
The peaceful yet creepy MRT cars my husband enjoys each night on the way home from work.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is my very first blog post to you from our new Apple computer, sitting in our new apartment, using our newly connected high speed Internet! Oh glorious moment.

Around the same time we moved apartments, we concluded that the 10 year old laptop should probably be replaced... and lucky lucky us! We are now the proud owners of an Apple desktop computer. It is not only lovely, but I am really enjoying it - so smooth, clean, and pretty - this may lead to more blogging!

I am supposed to be packing for my trip to Oklahoma / Toronto tomorrow... but clearly I thought I would procrastinate for at least a few moments longer. I am headed to Toronto for a green building conference, and it just didn't seem right to fly half-way around the world without "swinging by" home and saying hello to the family. So before and after the week in Toronto, I will be spending my weekends with family and friends. Thankfully, I've started accumulating enough airline miles to take me somewhere (finally!) so I did not have to pay for multiple airline tickets out of pocket. 

I should really get packing... I can already taste the Diet Coke I'll be ordering on the airplane! A trip back to the other side is always a welcome break :) and I'm looking forward to seeing Toronto for the first time.

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