Saturday, September 3, 2011

week 49_apartment hunting!

Those of you who know me best already know that house-hunting is practically a hobby for me. If I'm happily residing at one home, I am undoubtedly already searching for the next can't-live-if-I'm-not-living-there type place! Now that I'm smack dab in the middle of a densely packed urban city, it is all about finding the perfect living space! :)

When I moved to Taipei almost one year ago (wow, time flies) I was lucky to find my current apartment, and I knew the moment I walked in the door that I'd sign the lease. However, now that my husband has finally joined me abroad, the dream apartment does feel more like a glorified hotel room. Honestly, it's not the size of the apartment that matters to me, just the quality and comfort of the home. My first apartment in Taipei has not failed in comfort or quality (oh, I will miss it!) but it is a little small when I am blow-drying my hair in the mornings and my husband is still asleep in the same room --- one room studio --- or when he gets home from work and it's physically impossible for him to enter our place without waking me from my slumber.

Dear perfect reading nook, you will be missed!
I hope someone new will appreciate you!

So clearly we had decided that at the end of my lease we should get a larger apartment. At least a place that has a bedroom door which can be closed for acoustics and privacy. As anticipated, once again it was all about the fun of the chase!

The husband and I began looking at apartments early. If you're going to find your dream apartment in a big city: A. It probably won't happen overnight, and B. The good places get snatched up quickly! I had been browsing online for a few weeks before we finally opened the flood gate and toured the first place in person.

Apartments in Taipei run the gamut so the price really depends on what you're looking for - furnished, unfurnished, including public areas, security guards, concierge - or without - with a pool, a gym, with an elevator or a 7th story walk up, near public transportation, or at the edge of the city on the mountainside. It is all here! And if your wallet can buy it, your dream apartment is certainly within reach. Based on my online hunting, it was immediately clear which apartments we didn't want to live in...

Room 2
Unfurnished [It would cost quite a bit to buy all new furniture,
and sometimes that includes the fridge, air conditioning, etc!]

Outdated [Color matching bathroom fixtures... no thank you!]

Tiny [Yes, that is the fridge, aka the kitchen, at right]

Ghetto! This is a "kitchen". Hmmmm...
No fixer-uppers in our immediate future plans.

Too Nice! Trust me, there is also an abundance of gorgeous homes
that we could never afford!

So, in the end when you find that perfect apartment, the one that is just nice enough and worth the price that the landlord is asking... you had probably better pounce on it! And pounce we did. :) At the end of September, we will be moving into our new 2 bedroom home, and enjoying all of the luxuries of space that I have missed! Full-sized refrigerator, walk-in closet, a true kitchen, large outdoor balcony, etc! I think the move will be an adventure... Do we just take a taxi back & forth over and over again??? Whatever the case, we are looking forward to the change of scenery! 

Our soon to be Apartment ~ Living Room
Our soon to be Apartment ~ Kitchen big enough to cook in!

The photos really don't do it justice. The lighting and windows, and ceiling heights provide the whole picture when you are standing in the space, but there is a guest bedroom in our new place... so if you'd like to see more, maybe you should plan a visit!!! :)


  1. Yes! something to look forward to and please don't forget the pink champagne, something to celebrate. You are going to really enjoy this nice new spot. Two bedrooms what a luxury compared to one room. Still it will be a better fit for the two of you!
    Love MOM

  2. Yes, for those who have not been a year without, it may be hard to understand our excitement over the simple things such as: a microwave, walk-in clothes closet, full-sized refrigerator, full balcony (that you don't have to climb out the window to step out on to), separate washer & dryer, place to hang our clothes out to dry,a sofa with cushions (instead of a wooden loveseat) etc.... etc... etc!