Sunday, September 11, 2011

week 50_hittin' the gym

Well, after all of the many blog posts about our quests to find the best food in Taipei, it is no wonder that I eventually decided to seek out a gym as well!!! I enjoy walking and touring the city when I have the chance, but sometimes it is too rainy, too dark, or even too hot to exercise for any length of time outdoors.

There are fitness center chains here, even one called World Gym which also has branches in the US. I believe by paying the membership dues, you may access both the gyms here and in the US. I have stepped into the lobby of the World Gym before, very posh, and I've heard good things ~ but for someone like myself who rarely makes time to work out... in a gym... on some machine... [let's face it, I'm not much of a gym-goer!] the product just isn't worth the price.

Lucky for me - as usual! - Taipei city's wonderful infrastructure has a public gym system with multiple locations that is available to all, no membership required. And even luckier for me [I suppose it could be a blessing or a curse ;) ], one of the public gym locations is directly across from my office. In a society full of super skinny women, I feel surprisingly comfortable about not going to any gym on a regular basis. [There is truly no competing with the naturally thin Asians around me, so I don't feel pressured in any way to match their slim figures ~ impossible] But finding a gym has nothing to do with competition, it is just for my own health & happiness. Since I already know that homemade strawberry milkshakes and Taiwanese bubble tea make me happy, it seems like a little gym time is a good idea...

Mostly, I'm just impressed [yet again] with the accessibility and efficiency of the public programs in Taipei. There are multiple gym locations, and they are open to anyone. The gym use is pay by the hour, so you can visit the gym once, or every day if you like, and simply pay $50 NT (~$1.50 US) each time. There is an outdoor track, indoor swimming pool, yoga classes, other classes, and a weights/machine room. Of course they have lockers, locker rooms, showers, etc. + a gym shop, and a small cafe. There is probably more - I haven't taken the time to explore it all!

I am just so pleased with the convenience of the big city life here in Taipei. I don't know why I'm surprised - so many things in Taipei are designed to be convenient and user friendly! Despite the super convenient public transportation system as well, I usually walk home from the gym...

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