Wednesday, September 14, 2011

week 51_our first visitors!

We've finally had our first relatives come to visit! All are welcome, but the trip to Taiwan is obviously very expensive, and clearly time consuming if you plan to spend enough days to recover from the jet lag before returning home! In my opinion, based on my own trips to and from the US, a 10 day trip is a good amount of time for a visit, but for many people if you had 8 days that would still be manageable [any takers? anyone ready to visit exotic Asia?! and us?!]  For most people coming from the US you should allow 2 full days for travel, but for these relatives, the trip was only half the distance --- they've flown in from Australia [still an 8 or 9 hour trip...!]

The in-laws, my hubby's dear parents, arrived last Friday and it has been a whirlwind visit since then! There is so much to eat, see, and do in this city and so many places that we just have to show them --- I feel like we have been feasting for weeks already! [It was truly only a few days]. I wanted to start off the visit right, to make sure the message is clear: We. Love. Visitors!

So I put together a little 'Welcome to Taiwan' basket 
and had it waiting for them at the hotel :)

Goody-bag includes:
2 Asian pears, 5 sugar cookies from Florida Bakery, 
2 Starbucks VIA instant coffee packs, Taiwan guide book (on loan), 
temporary cell phone with local Taiwan #, and one lotus & egg yolk moon cake
[It was the week of the Moon Festival]

The trip has already come and gone so fast that they leave today! We've made it a point to visit some of our favorite places in Taipei during their visit --- so here is my short list --- but really, there is so much more to see and do! I guess they will have to return again sometime to see the rest! :)

Here's a recap of the quick trip agenda, as planned by Yours Truly ~
(our activities varied around our work schedules)

FRIDAY, landed early AM
Private car to San Want Hotel [older hotel, great location and excellent service]
Breakfast - San Want with L. Eastern & Western buffet
Lunch - Burger Stop with J. Classic American casual. Similar to In N Out Burger
Window shopping / walking near Sogo Dept. Store (while we were working!)
Dinner - Chili House Restaurant with L. Traditional Taiwanese dishes, plenty of spice
Gelato - Cosi o Cosi . Yum!
Evening shopping & strolling alleys at NE corner of Zhongxiao Dunhua. Tiny designer and hole-in-the-wall shops

SATURDAY, sleep in!
Lunch/Brunch - Cafe Cafe. Western brunch & Crepes
Shopping in Xinyi - Hankyu & Mitsukoshi Department stores + Eslite Bookstore. Everything you could ever want to buy... and more...
Drinks & finger foods - W Hotel, Woo Bar. Modern, classy, poolside bar
Shilin Night Market! More shopping & bargaining, it's what the locals do!
Dinner - Formosa Chang's. Taiwanese food casual restaurant. Family style dishes

SUNDAY, sleep in :)
Lunch at the Burger Stop (tight schedule and it was nearby)
Tour of our soon-to-be apartment! Fun
Taipei 101 observatory. View all of Taipei from the 88th - 91st floors
Flower Market, Jade Market, and Artisan's Market stroll. Open air, classic Asian markets
Dinner - Din Tai Fung. the Most Famous Taiwanese restaurant in Taiwan - Must. Visit.
Drinks & Cigars at the Grand Hyatt Hotel (just the boys)

MONDAY, last day of our holiday weekend
Lunch - Macho Tacos. Taiwanese style Cali-Mex casual food. Delicious!
Day Trip to Yingge Township. Small suburb known for it's artists, ceramics
Dinner - 1885 Burger Store. Char-grilled burgers with gourmet cheese

TUESDAY, Mostly J & his folks (I was working!)
Lunch - Dan Ryan's. Typical American restaurant (similar to Chili's)
National Palace Museum. Collection of Chinese art & artifacts
Dinner - Dan Ryan's... again! We were looking for a nice juicy steak

WEDNESDAY, last day in Taipei
Shopping for any last minute items
Tour of J's work place
Sad farewell!

We had an amazing time - and only completed about 1/2 the things on my suggested to-do list! - but we look forward to their next visit... or our next visitors! :D

Here's a little something J & I picked up in Yingge!
Our first real keepsake that we've purchased
during our time here together... and we both love it!

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  1. Wow! Chrissie and I will be there before you know it! We want to see everything. We plan to be on a go-go schedule. We want to enjoy all your favorites. You will be our guide!
    Love, MOM