Saturday, September 17, 2011

week 52_Many moons & many mooncakes!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen - 
One year ago today I landed in this far away land they call Taiwan... aka Ilha Formosa... aka Beautiful Island.

It has already been many moons since my arrival, and this past week I have eaten many moon cakes. Earlier this week, we celebrated the Moon Festival Holiday ~ with a day off work, and many, many moon cakes leading up to the holiday! Moon cakes were sent to our office from clients, friends, and family.

The moon cakes come in all varieties, ranging from the most traditional (with egg yolk at the center of the cake and flavors like sesame, lotus seed, and red bean around the yolk), to the most contemporary (no yolk, and an unlimited array of flavors).

Sometimes it is all about the wrapping!
A mix of modern and traditional

Traditional egg yolk center
Left: Passionfruit, Right: Taro

"Martini" flavored cakes from the W Hotel bakery

Coffee flavored moon cake with yolk center

The culture here is so polite, even though many boxes may only contain 3 or 4 moon cakes, people cut thin slices just big enough to try the cake's flavor, and they share, and share, and share! So giving! This is one of those things that you would need to experience to truly appreciate, but I'm always impressed by the generous and giving traits instilled in the Taiwanese. I've had a blast discovering my favorite cakes... and the ones I don't really care for.  : )

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