Thursday, March 29, 2012

week 76-80_Falling Off the Horse - Back in the Saddle

Well, weeks 76 - 80... you may have given up on my blog by now!
I've been around, but let's just say that I fell off the horse (quite literally fell on some stairs during week 76) and am finally getting back in the saddle again - with the blog - now that March is coming to a close!

I've been so swamped this past month. Busy with work, busy with my personal life, busy keeping up with other people's personal lives as well! I am hoping that it is finally settling back down to some sort of "normal" here in the next few weeks.

I've especially been noticing recently all of the things about Taiwan that I have yet to blog about after all this time. Shockingly enough, after a year and a half in Taipei, I am still observing the subtle cultural differences on a daily basis that make this city different than the previous one... and still realizing there is so much more I could be sharing! But I guess, suffice it to say - at least for the past month - I've mostly just been soaking it in. :)

Anyways, here's a taste of the city from the last few weeks... Just the little things that amuse me.

Statue near Dunhua South Road, just past Eslite Bookstore
"Mantis Captures the Toad" (as titled below)
... and what about the bird under his foot as well?

New "California" style cuisine near my hubby's office
BLACKSHEEP is just north of MRT Minquan W Road Station,
It's cute and... they have bread bowl soups!
(I sure do miss Panera...!)
The man himself, as cute as ever.  :)
Taking a break from work to have dinner with the wife!

Some art on the side of a city bus that caught me off guard. Just seemed strange on a Chinese bus!

Beautiful park near my office ~ spent a Sunday afternoon here recently,
snacking on a bowl of red bean dessert soup
Sculptures in the park - just behind Taiwan Adventist Hospital 

Signage at the local park near our apartment.
You may notice that the signage almost always includes English...
but sometimes the translation is just amusing ;)

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  1. Thanks for the great photo; sadly, the sculpture was removed last week (February 27, 2013). The little platform has been taken away too now (March 4).