Thursday, March 8, 2012

week 73_Between Visitors

For the Chinese New Year, our landlady was very kind and gifted us a large basket of fruits, crackers, cookies and goodies. One of the items in the basket I had never tried before... a 'sugar apple'. I'm not sure where the name comes from; it tastes nothing like an apple. The exterior is a thick green peel, and the interior is filled with soft white flesh and large black seeds. Each pocket contains one seed (so there are a lot) and the fruit is so soft, some people even describe the texture as 'pudding-like'. I did enjoy the fruits, but there were very sweet (and the Taiwanese always try to tell Americans that our foods are too sweet...). I probably won't be buying these too often, but it was very interesting to try - and tasty.
"Sugar Apple" Fruit
After all of the time with my Mom, Sister, and Grandpa in January ~ I enjoyed a few days of solace  and catching up on chores in preparation for our next visitors ~ Jason's parents! 

It seems that after living in Taiwan for about a year and a half, people have finally found the time and money to visit all of a sudden! 2012 is the year for visitors...

Poster on the MRT. Everything is cute here - even the adds about not elbowing strangers in the face!

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