Sunday, March 11, 2012

weeks 74 & 75_Visitors from Australia

As alluded to in previous post ~ We enjoyed a nice visit with the Gerocks mid-February for their second visit to Taipei. Because they had made a previous visit to Taipei this past September, we had less sight-seeing and tourist-ing on our agenda and mostly spent our time enjoying each other's company.

Yay! They made it!
Arriving at Taoyuan Airport, greeted by Jason :)
Most of our time was spent chatting and catching up, as well as eating WAY TOO MUCH! Now that the in-laws have settled in a remote Australian town, they especially enjoy visiting "the big city" and the variety of amenities that we have here at our finger tips. From steak dinner at Ruth's Chris to delicious Taiwanese cuisine at Din Tai Fung, we left no delicious food uneaten! Ha. It is fun to compare our stories with one another over dinner ~ our tales about living in a foreign land with a foreign language, and their stories of living in a modern day boom town reminiscent of Deadwood!

I really hope that Jason & I get the chance to visit Australia at some point while his folks are still living there. It seems it would be a shame to miss out on that opportunity! I guess we'll see. Surprisingly enough, it takes almost the same amount of time to fly from Taipei to where his folks now live in eastern Australia as we spend flying from Taipei to Oklahoma City in the US. Who knew???

View from the Gerocks' apartment in Australia, overlooking the Pioneer River
It seems that the good pictures of the Taipei visit were on the Gerocks' camera - will have to see if I can snag some of those for a future post maybe... The time together flew by, of course, but we are looking forward to a brief visit with Jason's Mom later this week as she flies back through Taipei on her way home to Australia from another trip. 

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