Monday, April 9, 2012

week 81 ~Pregnant in Taiwan~

Well, yes!!!
Can you believe it. After 80 weeks of the Taiwanese adventure on my own (+ husband for much of that time too, of course) I am now on a whole new adventure with a little one!

The hubby and I will be having a baby ~ a little Taiwan-born, American-bred, baby coming this fall!

The newest addition to our world-traveling family :)

We can hardly believe it and are especially looking forward to starting our own little family. Even though I have just finished my first trimester, the education that I have already received about what it may be like to be pregnant/have a baby in a foreign country is overwhelming! And it will only continue. [If anyone has wondered why my blogging has decreased recently, be curious no more --- I have been sleeping, resting, and sleeping even more! Mystery solved.]

I find myself challenged with the task to weigh both the American and the foreign cultural standards to consider what is most right, and which factors should I be most concerned with? For example, in the US the doctors would tell me to avoid raw meats or sushi, raw fruits and veggies that have not been thoroughly washed - meanwhile, in Taiwan the doctors tell me to please avoid fried foods! Ha. Maybe they are both correct? [They do both agree on no smoking, drugs or alcohol, thank goodness!]

Truly though, that is one of the easy questions. It gets much more complicated, especially when you throw a slight language barrier into the mix... :)

I'm hoping to keep blogging about some of the fun things we find through our adventures in Taipei, but now that having a baby is part of the adventure... you are sure to hear a bit about that too!

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