Thursday, April 19, 2012

week 82 bunny cake & Easter eggs

Easter may have already come and gone, but not without a few American traditions on this side of the pond.

My Bunny Cake
My poor little improvised bunny cake (made in a small counter top toaster oven, using a half-sized rectangular pan...) burnt terribly on the bottom, and I ended up just cutting that part of the cake off and dousing the remainders in icing and coconut bunny fur!

My family's Bunny Cake
If you can't tell... this is what the bunny cake is supposed to look like! I think theirs turned out better than mine... :) {That's my sis and cousin picture with cake above} But at least we all seemed to have fun making our bunny cakes, as usual! I also died Easter eggs with an egg dye kit my mother-in-law recently brought to me from the US. At first I wasn't sure I needed the dye kit, but by the time Sunday came around I was in the holiday spirit, and so glad I had all the tools to make my own little kitchen festive. I'm not sure that an egg dying kit could be purchased anywhere in Taiwan... seems like it might be on the list of few things that are truly unavailable here. I've had fun toting my Easter eggs to work each morning for breakfast or snack - and I've gotten some fun questions. Do they taste different? Is it colored all the way through? Are they stuffed with something other than an egg? Is the dye safe to eat? To which I mostly replied no, no, no, and I hope so! 

Admittedly, there was no mention of this holiday in Taiwan, but I remembered, chatted with family, and made the Sunday festive in my own way ~ including brunch with a friend at the American Club.

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