Thursday, July 28, 2011

week 44_346 Taiwan Beer Restaurant

I haven't been out late at night partying probably since the holiday parties during Christmas & Chinese New Year, but this week our company hosted a "Summer" dinner party and it was quite the event! The dinner was scheduled at a restaurant associated with the Taiwan Beer brewery, the 346 Taiwan Beer Restaurant on BaDe Road. A colleague and I walked to the location, and had wandered through what looked like an after-hours or abandoned brewery campus before we finally discovered the restaurant at the back of the grounds. We were beginning to wonder if we were in the right place! We slowly strolled through what looked like dark drive aisles, loading docks, and warehouses until we saw the bright neon 346 sign at the entrance to the restaurant warehouse.

We found it!

Just a few tables placed outside the entrance
The decor is obviously not the reason that people dine at this place! Ha. Or then again, maybe it is. The warehouse full of picnic tables with a gigantic T-shaped stage was the perfect setting for a noisy group dinner. Every table equipped with miniature Taiwan Beer kegs (more than one per table typically) and plenty of Taiwanese and want-to-be Western foods! 

If you can't tell from the photo, the food just keeps on coming!
If I said my favorite dish was the french fries that would probably be a shame, huh?! Well, that wasn't the only good dish, but what can I say? The fries were pretty good. They had many other specialties - fish, hot pot, grilled skewers, fried octopus, "sandwiches" and on and on. We ate until we couldn't eat any more (even though the food never stopped coming in the 3 or so hours I was there) and then we drank almost as eagerly. 

I had a blast :)

The fun was all about the environment. Kicking back. Letting loose. Okay, some people are a lot "loose"-r than me! But I really had a great time. :) When the live band came on stage they played a great combination of local and international music - the first song of the night was Rolling in the Deep (one of my favorites lately!) So I was immediately pleased.

The lead singer of the band rocking out on a keg stand

Even though I cut out from the party before I got too carried away, I had plans to meet up with a friend downtown - so where did I end up anyways? At the W Hotel bar by the poolside... where else ;) Ha! A few more drinks and a higher-than-I-should-spend bar tab for one evening... but drinks with a friend after a long week: worth it. 

WET Bar at W Hotel Taipei poolside
Margarita on the Rocks or a Lychee Mojito ~ both recommended

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  1. Okay it was definitely party sorry Jason wasn't there to enjoy with you! Looks like a fun spot. Actually the W looked more like a place I would visit.