Thursday, July 14, 2011

week 43_Walking Home

Mail man's scooter
Now that I am 10 months into my life here in Taipei, I seem to find considerably less time to blog!!! :) Nonetheless, I'm still appreciating the adventure of it all!

Dihua Street, near the Fabric Market

I think it is probably a good sign ~ that I have started to settle into life here and my own daily activities. Nonetheless, part of being here is about making time for myself. I don't know why it feels like I can stop and take time for myself more when I am this far away, but somehow it's true. I spend considerably less time watching television or fretting about work when I'm outside of work, and more time window shopping as I walk home, daydreaming, or reading a book. It's good for me!

Loved the fun architecture along this block of shops

Jason has also finally settled into a routine. He's working full-time as a copy editor for the China Post. I'm so thrilled that he has found a job he can enjoy as much as I enjoy mine, but our hours are permanently in conflict so I still have most evenings to myself and look forward to spending time with him as much as possible on the weekends!

fountain near Taipei City Hall

This week, I have made a point of walking home each day. I'm trying to get back to the lifestyle of making time for myself. Cliche, you think? Well, that may be the mentality of my generation "You should do what makes you feel happy. You have the right to be happy. You deserve things that you want" and so on and so on... me, me, me... but I still think that most people don't take genuine time for themselves often and I am trying to make it a habit! Not in the annoying way of "I deserve what I want!" but more like "I am gaining an appreciation for the quite moments in my day"...

the tallest lady, TAIPEI 101 - just showing off as usual

So... the daily walk home plays a major role in that. You never know what you'll see. One day it's a mail scooter that just looks fun to me, another day it's a beauty salesman asking if I'd like to take a survey about makeup products... then handing me an entire form in Chinese! Ha. That's alright, I like that every day is a little different.

As with anything, it's all in the eyes of the beholder - but for me, I like to see the glamour in this city life! ;)

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  1. Having a lot of difficulty getting the comment to take! Trying this one again. Perhaps practice makes perfect!
    So glad you are able to enjoy each day! Noticing the little things is a great way to really learn about Taipei.
    Love, MOM