Thursday, July 7, 2011

week 42_Happy 4th of July!

Yes, even here in Taiwan, we found our own way to celebrate the holiday. Poolside at the Taipei American Club, we watched youngins compete in swimming relay competitions and diving contests. We feasted on a large outdoor buffet of traditional American (and many still Taiwanese influenced) dishes... Plus, we enjoyed a couple of cold brews on the hot summer day!

Let's face it, the food wasn't quite the fish fry that my folks were fixing back home... and the gigantic American flag cake didn't quite taste like there was any butter used in it's preparation... probably not much sugar either? [Yes, it's healthier that way, I know... *sigh*] But all in all, with a couple of good friends ~ we were very pleased to be able to celebrate the holiday in our own way.

AND I got to take my picture with 'Uncle Sam'... :) After all, what is more American than a very tan, skinny Asian man with his hands full of red, white, and blue balloons? Doesn't this photo just scream to you - "Happy Independence Day America!" Haha, well I thought he was very festive, and fun :D

Happy Independence Day United States of America!
We are celebrating with you!

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  1. Now I am able to post comments! YEah! This is one of my favorites! Love the pictures you put on the blog! Uncle Sam is pretty fun.