Sunday, May 22, 2011

week 35_this & that

Mostly, I haven't had any major adventures this past week, but here are a few pictures of the day to day...

I came across this creature...
Can you see that face on his back?
I was pretty impressed with the design on this little guy!
I swear, it looks like a face staring right back at you!

Even this building here looks rather buggy...
Yes, that is a building! And I think those are supposed to be two women with flowing hair...
That's not what it looks like to me. 

I love that my building is sure to post the "New!" sticker on our announcements
in English for me!

Apparently, Cheerios may lower your cholesterol in the States,
but here, they just lower your ---------
(And just think, it is someone's job to go through and mark all six sides of every box!)

Spring fashion to drool over!
I love the designer window displays here!
I wonder what occasion warrants such a dress?

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