Wednesday, May 4, 2011

week 33_finally

Well, after 7+ months of living apart from my husband, his plane will finally land this evening in Taipei - bringing him here to stay, for good! I suppose if you haven't ever lived half way around the world from your spouse for such an extended amount of time... Then you just can't fathom the difference that it makes. I know, I know, of course anyone would imagine that things are hard or different being apart from each other - but in fact, you have to experience it to truly 'know', you know?

It's a busy day at work, and I'll be on the clock until late today I expect, followed by the hour long bus ride to the airport to greet said hubby; I can hardly wait! Not to mention (in addition to the many hugs and kisses that plane is bringing my way), there are also American goodies tucked inside the SIX suitcases (Yay!) - Macaroni & Cheese, ranch mix for dips & salad dressings, clothes that have been hanging out in my closets in Texas, favorite movies, photos, and more! This is obviously going to be a great week for me :)

At work right now, our week is abnormally swamped for my team and I, but I am always happiest to be kept busy as opposed to bored, so I'm trucking right along. I think between keeping busy at work and having my husband here after many months, I might just actually get into a stable routine - imagine that!

I've been listening to some American radio stations online as I work this week - I happen to love almost all music: the good, the bad, and some ugly - and it's funny to think that sometimes even the American stations sound foreign to me. Seriously, have you ever listened to a radio commercial from North Dakota? I'm just saying...

Nothing quite like a taste of home!

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