Tuesday, April 26, 2011

week 31_A fresh perspective!

I was especially sad to see the husband go. Headed back to Texas once again... He is busy, busy wrapping up every loose end so that he can move to Taipei permanently (probably loading and unloading all of our possessions in and out of a trailer into storage as I write this!), but it won't be long AT ALL until he returns! That made it easier to part ways this time. I can't wait until he is back for good so I can keep "showing him the ropes." It was fun to relive my first impressions of Taipei through him and to see his initial questions and reactions, so similar to my own! :)

And! Drum roll please...
Here is the husband's first blog post, some first impressions about his recent visit to Taipei...
I'm excited to see more from him - it will be fun having two blog authors from now on! :)

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