Saturday, April 16, 2011

week 30_"vacationing" at home

a view from our rooftop
Even though the long holiday weekend came to an end, my husband's visit was not yet over - we spent the next week-ish tromping around Taipei. For the most part, we just stuck to a normal routine. I had to work each day as usual. So we enjoyed the ins-and-outs of everyday life here... every errand a new adventure for him if not me too!
Showing the husband where to shop for my birthday gifts ;)
 We window shopped at the fancy department stores, and checked out the largest night market in Taipei. We hunted down a 'secondhand' mobile phone for him. 'Secondhand' was the word that the vendors knew... no one understood what was a 'used' phone??? We searched for a special light bulb that had burnt out in my apartment. Sound simple? Well, I think it took us 2 or 3 stores and plenty of pointing and show and tell before we succeeded...
Above ground, MRT station
We attended one of my Chinese lessons together, and gave the husband a new Chinese name! Fun! We visited the National Palace Museum and barely even saw a sampling of their collection - just because it is so huge! I can't wait to go back again and look at more art :)
Typical Taiwanese alley
 And I had someone to take my photo more often... clearly.

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