Wednesday, April 6, 2011

week 28_Reunited!

Let's face it. Life in Asia without my husband is sort of like eating Oreo cookies without milk. Sure, the Oreos still taste pretty decent, but you just know that they could be SO much better! So... you can imagine the overwhelming joy I feel to have him here visiting me - FINALLY! :)

After many months apart, we stumbled upon a super-cheap plane ticket and decided it was time for a visit. The husband arrived last Thursday evening and has hardly left my side since then (except for when I am working of course)! It is really nice to have his company once again, and so exciting to show him around Taipei! Of all the people I know, my husband and his family have traveled the most - living in many countries, and visiting countless more - before I met them in good old Edmond, Oklahoma. However, much to my surprise, my own husband had never been to Taipei until now. Unlike every other vacation we've had together, where he is telling me what's good and where to go next, I am finally the leader! Hopefully during these couple of weeks together I will get to show him my favorite ins-and-outs of Taipei (at least what I have managed to discover so far in my limited time here).

His flight arrived in the late evening so we did nothing on that first evening, but the next day he walked me to work in the morning, and when I finally got off work (I had been impatiently watching the clock all day, knowing he was here) I decided to take him out to a nice Taiwanese dinner at one of the most famous restaurants in town: Din Tai Fung. Din Tai Fung is known for their fresh steamed dumplings and traditional shared Chinese dishes. We feasted on chicken dumplings, pork/shrimp dumplings, spicy sprouts, stir-fried cabbage, beef soup, pork chop & egg fried rice, Taiwan beer, and even some sweet red bean dumplings for dessert. I think it was a success! [Not to mention we brought home at least another evening's worth of leftovers]

These next two weeks should be some pretty good posts - I have lots of plans for adventuring while the hubby is here! So far, I think we are off to a good start :)
Husband, sneaking a dumpling from the Din Tai Fung mascot...
Here's to my sweet husband, and not having to adventure alone!

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