Monday, October 8, 2012

2 Years in Taipei

I can hardly believe it - in both directions - Could I really have been here for 2 years already? ...And... Is that all?  

The adventure continues, even though in many ways it has mellowed out a bit.
You never know what you might see or do that is "out of the ordinary" any given day. Or maybe it is ordinary? :)

So, since I've been busy navigating the city and prepping for baby's arrival - Just thought I'd share a few of the typical and not so typical happenings of late:

Dogs on Scooters: Seen it.
Dog on Motorcycle... This was new...  

This is what a large IKEA dresser in a very small bedroom looks like.
So glad we finally have storage space for baby's things!
Especially since this room has NO closet.

The dresser movers actually gave us 2 glasses as a gift.
It's marketing, but also how you know you paid too much...
[Nonetheless they were very efficient & kind]

Policeman waiting to freeze the lights for important traffic in front of our house.
I wonder how long he stood there? I gave up waiting to see who the big deal was...

Recently on a trip to Bangkok Jam @ ATT4Fun (delicious Thai food),
discovered Bar-Rito...
Now I love them  both!

Flavored mooncakes from clients for the recent Moon Festival holiday :)
Even Starbucks offers mooncakes here...

A new salad/wrap/sandwich place has opened and
filled the void of healthy dine-out options in my life!
This is "Dressed" ~ and I am already a repeat customer...

Been browsing the fabric market recently

For baby curtain ideas
(This is the winner!)

With endless choices

It takes hours to make any purchases!
Love the fabric market!

Thought I had posted this 2 weeks ago... my the time is flying these days...

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