Thursday, September 13, 2012

week 103_Street Artist Portrait

After a recent dinner out with friends on a Saturday night, I was walking home -with nothing better to do- and decided to stop to give one of the street artists a bit of business. Living downtown within walking distance of the Xinyi district means we are never without food, shopping, or entertainment.

 I decided that it could be really neat to have my portrait drawn while pregnant, and I specifically noted to the artist that I would really love it if he could sketch not only my face, but all the way down to my belly. I sat for what felt like ages on a hot evening, but at least the sun was down and there was a gentle breeze occasionally.

My face starting to take shape
Apparently, I was quite the spectacle to see. Hubby was at work, so there I sat, just a single foreign pregnant woman for all the locals to gawk at! Truth be told, I attracted the artist quite a little gathering of onlookers ~ hopefully, he got some extra business out of the deal.

Pregnant me, Sitting still for what feels like a long time!
The usual portrait fee was $100 NTD ($3.38 USD), but I paid a little extra at $150 NTD to have my belly in the picture.

[Amateur photographer passerby decides to take our photos]
 The artist was very kind and worked quickly, glancing up and down from his paper every second. At one point when a passerby began to photo our little session, I asked the artist to pause so I could give him my email address. Success! He sent the photos to me the same night. :)

It's me! Only slightly more Asian...
In the end, I feel like the artist took some liberties with my appearance (can we say 20 lbs. lighter and almond shaped eyes, long nose?) but it was a fun way to pass the time. I'm thinking I may try again with another street artist sometime... Just to see if I still turn up with an Asian Lizzie picture. ;)

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