Tuesday, February 14, 2012

week 70_Another Okie Visitor...

Just one week after my Mom & Sister's departure, my Grandpa (Mom's Dad) arrived in Taipei for his own 2 week Asian vacation! My Grandpa came to Taipei (in truth) not only to visit me, but also to spend some quality time with a friend he's known longer than my lifetime --- my boss! :)

Being quite the world traveler, this was not his first visit to Asia - not even close - but it was his first trip to Taipei, so we tried to show him some of the best food and sightseeing during his visit. My Grandpa's schedule actually included a few leisurely days in Taipei, before heading to Cambodia & Laos for an adventurous trip with his friend - my boss - followed by a few more days in Taipei at the tail end of the trip.

I was amused that despite having other visitor's so recently, he still seemed to experience a whole new list of sights & restaurants --- evidence of the abundance of things to see and do in Taipei! For starters, my Grandpa stayed at a boutique hotel near my office called Hotel Quote. I highly recommend it! It was my first time to see the interior, though I've often noticed their 1st floor lounge through the picture front windows as I walk along NanJing East Road. This cute and well-renovated hotel was luxurious and affordable, as well as conveniently located for his visit. One night we decided to have dinner in the lounge at the hotel. It wasn't very "adventurous" considering there were endless places we could be exploring, but it was the first time I can remember that I have spent pure adult time with my Grandpa one on one. It was refreshing and fascinating to me... :)

Didn't take many photos those first few days, but we did eat well!

Beijing Duck, being prepared table side
Duck is served hot and prepared in front of you to show freshness.
Eaten with onions and sweet sauce wrapped in a tortilla-like rice bread...
One of my favorite meals!
Sweet Potato Dessert, being prepared by the waitress bending over me to reach the table!
Hot sweet potatoes and a thick sugary syrup mixed with nuts/seeds are then dipped in a bowl of ice
to set the syrup into crunchy candy. The shell tasted like peanut brittle wrapped around a sweet potato...
As usual - in real life here and on my blog - food was the main attraction!

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