Sunday, February 5, 2012

week 69_the Oklahomans in Taipei_DAYs 8,9,&10

After our road trip outside of the city, we all headed back to Taipei to spend the last few days of the ladies' vacation in Taiwan. By this point Mom & Chrissie had seen many of the highlights on our list... and I think they started to get more of a taste of what life in the city might be like! Surprisingly, over the last three days, they finally had some of the first-hand bizarre experiences that Jason and/or I encounter every day (like stumbling on a presidential parade, or getting having a stranger ask to take their photo with you)... We also spent some time loading up the girls' suitcases with plenty of goodies to take back home! :)

When we visited Dihua Street to stop by the Fabric Market,
we stumbled upon a street festival preparing for the upcoming Chinese New Year!

We also came across some immortals dancing (and selling tea). I am so glad that we ran into this while the Hyde girls were here so that they could see the real Taipei :) Chrissie also got lots of attention from the locals who wanted to take a photo with her and the immortals!

I introduced the Okies to some local desserts:
[ABOVE: Shaved ice drizzled in brown sugar syrup,
topped with red beans and yellow Jell-O,
BELOW: Chrissie enjoys a green tea frozen yogurt parfait,
including red beans] 

We showed the ladies our "Mexican" food restaurant - Macho Tacos...
It's not quite Tex-Mex, but still...Yum!

We toured another temple where people go to be healed, blessed, or pray for good health

We strolled through the historically famous Grand Hotel, sitting high on the hillside overlooking the city

AND - best yet - We accidentally walked into a presidential election parade, AND saw the president himself!
It was pretty amazing... not to mention, the locals were pretty amazed by us [and therefore showered us in political paraphernalia at every opportunity... notice the Taiwan headbands and flags] :)
Thumbs up to the white folk with the flags

I was of course sorry to see my Mom & Sister go, but I am so glad that we had such a great visit! :D And I feel like we had time to show them most of the things I had hoped they might experience on this first trip.

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