Thursday, January 19, 2012

week 68_the Oklahomans in Taipei_DAY 4

Wow... still covering my Mom & Sister's recent trip to Taipei!

I figure now you can all see exactly what you have to look forward to if you ever make it to this friendly Asian island! :) .....and if you will never make it here, you can still consider this a glimpse at a day in the life...

The crew met me for lunch this day. I was working again, but lucky for them Jason was off work again and he is a great tour guide!

Bamboo Shoots at Formosa Chang's
Casual sit-down restaurant selling dirt cheap
traditional Taiwanese food
Chrissie enjoying some 'lu ro fan'
(pork with rice)
Lu Ro Fan, with orange pickled vegetable on the side
[pronounced "loo row fun"] ~~~ This stuff is delicious! 
After lunch, they headed to check out the National Palace Museum ~ an art museum housing countless treasures rescued from destruction in mainland China, and possibly the largest collection of Chinese art in the world. The collection is so large it can never all be on display at one time (they rotate seasonally) and I've heard that the National Palace Museum's vault is probably the most secure location on this entire island! (Looking back, the mainland Chinese would like to have all this artwork back now, of course...)

National Palace Museum - with it's aqua and orange tiled rooftops
Mom with a Chinese lion
Brief glimpse of the grounds
It was raining so unfortunately they did not get to tour the gardens that day

After the National Palace excursion, I am told the ladies entertained themselves by cruising some of the many department stores near our home. No photos of them shopping though ;)

Ah yes, time for me to get off work and join them!
After a long day of walking, we decided to wine & dine the girls at the best spot in town ~ Din Tai Fung ~ a dumpling restaurant that every local and every visitor eats at if they have ever been to Taipei! I know that you can't smell or taste the food in these photos... but I'm craving it even now as I post the pictures!

Window into the kitchen where delicious dumplings are being made!
Dinner together at Din Tai Fung
the most famous restaurant in Taipei, serving Taiwanese food
[1 part soy sauce, 3 parts vinegar + fresh ginger = dipping sauce,
Basket of fresh steamed crab & pork dumplings,
steamed pea shoots, Taiwan beer, tea, Chicken broth soup]

At least you know if you make it to Taipei there is plenty of good food to be found! Ha, I feel like the photos from this day are all food - but of course, that is always the highlight of our vacations, finding the best local food! :)

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