Thursday, January 12, 2012

week 68_the Oklahomans in Taipei_DAY 2

For the next three days I stayed cooped up in the office, up to my neck in urgent... or at least very pressing business, but my Mom & Sis continued to explore the glorious city of Taipei with my husband... and managed to take a day trip on their own to the nearby town of Yingge one day...

DAY 2:
Tour of a local Grocery Store
I think now they understand
why I don't always know what is right in front of my face...
Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
[they are standing under the center arch on the right side there...]
Very impressive grounds and great Chinese Architecture!
Touring the Chiang Kai Shek grounds
with the wonderful hubby tour guide

Everything here is "cute" and animated... even the people getting run over in the street!
Look both ways before crossing...
The Okies enjoyed meeting up with me near my office for lunch, of course!
Typical Chinese lunch box.
Mmm... Barley & Pea soup for dessert! (Not sure that's how they felt about it)
For the afternoon, they toured the TAIPEI 101 Observatory, the highest view of Taipei City

Complete with high end gift shops selling
impressively hand carved coral and precious stones
And we wrapped up our evening with a tour of the trendy XimenDing Area
[popular area with the young folk for shopping and entertainment]
We kept the ladies busy enough to forget their jet lag! And then collapsed each night ;)

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