Monday, December 12, 2011

week 64_holiday busy-ness!

The entire month of December this year is turning out to be packed! I didn't find time to blog this weekend, but I did finally find time to make it back to the fabric market --- even with the husband in tow :)

We picked out some fabric for new chair covers in our dining room [The 6 chairs and slipcovers came with the furnished apartment, but let's just say I'm not partial to white lacey chair covers with skirts and ruffles...]. I successfully conveyed the message of what I wanted to a vendor who is providing the fabric and the sewing, so now we just wait for a phone call to pick up our goods later this week! The chair covers turned out to be around $20 US each for the fabric and sewing work. I think they'd cost that much at IKEA too, but this way we get custom items however we like for our apartment.

Jason & I are also looking forward to an upcoming trip to Macau this next weekend for his 30TH birthday! There will definitely be photos and a blog post for that... :)

We are keeping extra busy this month, between planning Jason's birthday trip, a holiday lunch for lots of people, and of course getting ready for our own Christmas! Not to mention my mom & sister's upcoming visit to Taipei in Jan... busy!!! And loving it :)

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