Monday, December 5, 2011

week 63_Christmas Decorations!

Well if it's not Thanksgiving, it must be time for Christmas... right?!
I know that I have been a bit MIA this week on the blog, but that's because I have been spending my spare time Christmas shopping, decorating, and writing holiday cards!

Now that the turkey holiday is officially over, I am ready to move on to the next celebration!

Since the hubby and I will be spending the holidays here in Taipei this year (our first Christmas together in Taipei) I have been on the hunt for decor to make our little apartment feel festive! And surprisingly ~ There are more than a few stores selling holiday decorations :)

In particular, I have heard that the Tienmu area has some Christmas stores --- but I also hear that it is quite pricey. So for those of you in the mood for a taste of home without the imported price tag, here is an area I discovered with 7 or 8 holiday shops in a row!

Where to look for holiday decorations in Taipei: 
- Costco or other large foreign retail stores
- Party & Costume shops that bring in seasonal merchandise
- Japanese dollar stores (these especially carry a wide variety of holiday cards)

In truth, there is WAY too much tinsel and glitter at these stores, but I find that if you take the time to survey the goods, there are some more tasteful items to be found amidst the mountains of tacky Christmas stuff! Ha. :)


  1. Do you know any of the Tien Mu store names or locations?

  2. I'm sorry Houstonian - I don't know specifics, but because the Taiwanese are so helpful and the TienMu area is not huge, I would suggest to start walking in the area near Taipei American School and if you do not find Christmas decoration stores, ask a local. Let me know if you find out more information!

  3. You are right! That is a heck of a lot of tinsel! Excited to see what you make of it all :)