Wednesday, June 29, 2011

week 40_American Vacation!

Ha! We are such a pair.
I might not normally describe Dallas, TX or Oklahoma City, OK as my vacation destinations... but after 9 months living in Asia, these were definitely vacation spots for me! Spending a week surrounded by the comforts of home and the friends & family that mean the most to me was so much fun! Although I am living very far away, and it is hard to keep in touch with people the way that I might be able to if I lived nearer - it makes me appreciate the time that I do have with close family & friends so much more! Not to mention, it is so flattering when everyone finds time in their busy schedule to remind me that I am very loved.

Why do we own so much stuff? 
How I managed to squeeze in two cities and so many dinner parties in 8 days still amazes me, but I am so glad I found the time to visit up with everyone I miss so dearly! Not to mention time to eat delicious Mexican and American foods and  lounge by the pool! :) I also visited all of our precious belongings in storage (that was a hot day - thank you to my sister for all of the extra help organizing!)

My niece, She's a cutie!
Surprisingly, I failed to pack my camera - but that's alright, sometimes it's about just being there, not necessarily about taking hundreds of photos! Some of the highlights of the trip were: spending time with my BFF's (aka the design girls), catching up with my aunts, uncles & cousins, hanging out with my brother, his wife, and my 6-month old niece, and keeping my own former dog for a few days!

Best dog! Seriously, he's the Best :)
Home is always going to feel like home. It's nice to go back with a new appreciation for things I took for granted before, and to be able to just enjoy it! For those of you living in the great 50 states, count your blessings my friends!

Ah, bliss.
And for those of us roaming the globe, appreciate your countless life experiences too. Stepping off the plane in Taiwan (or honestly, even before that when I boarded the China Airlines flight in LA) had it's own familiar feeling too. The smell of Asia in the air (if you've been here, you know what I mean), telling the taxi driver my address in Chinese, gazing at TAIPEI 101 in the distance as we crossed the bridge into the city. It may not be home, but it is natural to me in it's own way.

Glad I have both to cherish.

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