Thursday, June 23, 2011

week 39_Flew right by!

After the intense holiday weekend full of dragon boat races, stair climbs, and so on - we took the rest of the week pretty easy. By the next weekend I was ready for some easy time off with lots of relaxation, and the sporadic downpours of rain offered a good excuse to stay indoors with a magazine to read or a good TV series. The husband and I spent the whole of the weekend being lazy together or running errands related to my upcoming vacation [a trip to the US!]]

Honestly, I was too swamped getting work done and preparing for my vacation to do anything adventurous! Ha, but some of the packing & planning is the adventure these days, I suppose. Since I only have the chance to visit family & friends a couple times per year I was frantically purchasing goodies and trinkets to bring back, reorganizing the suitcase repeatedly, and daydreaming about what to eat/listen to/do while back in the States!

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