Wednesday, March 16, 2011

week 25 Puppet Show

Before the show, the MC sets the stage with a little background.
In this instance, the MC was also the puppeteer. 
Back from Japan and fully covered from the trip ~ I ventured out this past weekend to see a puppet show with some friends. It was a traditional Chinese hand puppet show that lasted about an hour and a half and was in Mandarin - obviously! This particular presentation was in a very small room that seemed to be filled with mostly elderly people or couples with children.

Some of the puppets - I wish I had close up pictures!
The show was really interesting to watch (of course, I was making up the plot line in my head as we went along). It would be neat to see another show sometime when I could have an English description or a little background given to me before watching :) Mostly, I just enjoyed the costumes and the dramatic voices. Mandarin or not, you could still tell what tone the conversation was taking at any moment.

Fight Scene
The fight scenes were fun - no blood & gore, since we are talking about puppets - they were almost like dances. I can see where the fight scenes in some Asian films may have found their inspiration. I only regret that I was not close enough to get a really great photo of the costumes for you all! They were AMAZING. These puppets were so detailed and ornate, I would happily place one on display in my home... maybe I will buy one at some future date!

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  1. Hey, Lizzie

    From what I gather, palm puppets are huge in Taiwan. One of their biggest TV shows there is called Pili (霹靂), which is a palm puppet show that's been going on since the 1980s. Here's the intro to one of the show's more recent seasons:

    And yes, like you, I'd love to have one of those palm puppets :D