Friday, March 4, 2011

week 23 the Ice Village

After dinner we strolled through the "ice village" at the resort...
aka, the 2-3 frozen igloos surrounded by a wall made of ice bricks.
They keep a few little places frozen during the coldest part of the year...
It was neat to see even the glasses were made out of ice - and you could order a drink if you wanted. 
But we mostly just browsed, another photo opportunity :)

Ice table & chairs (left) and Ice bar with very cold employee (right)
Ice Dining Room... One of my coworkers accidentally shattered one of the ice mugs! Woops!
Ice bar, covered with ice glasses.
Thermometer below... I know it's too small to read in the picture, but it was COLD! :)

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  1. Wow! Now when are we going there! Too cool..I would like to try a drink with the ice glass, How did I miss this post? Not sure.. fun to catch up with your travels