Tuesday, July 10, 2012

week 93_Photos from Sansia

On a recent sunny afternoon off work, the hubby ventured out to see some sights and play with our new camera. I was stuck in the office for the day, but he managed to bring me back some photos and a delicious bullhorn croissant treat from his travels (the local specialty).

Afternoon sightseeing destination: Sansia, Taiwan. Located near the small pottery town named Yingge that you may recall from older blog posts, is another small town called Sansia. Yingge is famous for it's ceramics, and I've read that Sansia is famous for it's temples and woodworking. We've learned that reaching Yingge by train is cheap and fairly painless. From there, you can take a short taxi ride to Sansia.

Check out some of the hubby's pictures below... :)

Old Street
Banana filled bullhorn croissant (local specialty)
Looking forward to when I have the chance to visit Sansia myself sometime :)

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