Tuesday, May 15, 2012

weeks 84.85.86... Stateside Visit

From business trips (with visits on the side to OK/TX), personal leave time, and family visitors here in Taipei, I'd have to say I'm way ahead of the typical international family member when it comes to keeping in touch [not to mention Skype, emails, Facebook, and good old fashioned phone calls :) ]

This trip home ~ as anyone living abroad can probably relate to ~ was absolutely PACKED with friend and family time, leaving limited time to ourselves to take care of our own list of personal errands and agendas... Nevertheless, it was great to see everyone --- especially knowing that we will not be returning to visit again over the next 6 or so months. This trip also solidified (at least in my mind) that our next vacation needs to be a true vacation, on a beach somewhere, relaxing :) [Sorry family!] It will be awhile before that trip happens.

#1 purpose for the visit home? To see this fabulous young lady graduate from Oklahoma State!


I waited to post to the blog, because I wanted to include some travel photos ~ however, on my trips to the US (when I turn my international cell phone off, and generally rely on family members to share their photos with me...) the pictures always seem to be lost in a dark hole somewhere... and it is hard for me to get ahold of them [ahem, family].

In addition to visiting friends and family, we were extremely excited to visit our favorite pooch! [Who wouldn't be?!] and so happy to see how settled he is in his new home. Don't be fooled by the ferocious growling - these two pooches are BFF now for sure. A few days playing with the dogs, and we have reinfested our wardrobes with black and white dog hair - I have the feeling we will be seeing that for awhile :)

Lastly, I'd be lying if I didn't confess that food is the 3rd most missed item on our list! We can't help but miss the terribly (bad for you) delicious foods from the States! So where does an Okie or Texas gal eat during the visit home...?

Panera Bread
Donut Shops (various... multiple!)
Jamba Juice
Einstein Bros. Bagels
Boston Market
Taco Bueno
Waffle House
McAllister's Deli

[The wish list was longer, but we ran out of time!]

Not to mention the home-cooked meals either! BBQ, potato salad, cole slaw, cobbler, chips and ranch dip (yum!), cookie cake, cake, and so much more!

Oh Mexican food, how I miss you!
Too bad I was not able to enjoy that delicious margarita during the visit [pic is of my hubby's drink], but even still I managed to put on 4 pounds during my 10 day visit! I've already shed it upon returning to Taiwan. I think I just need more queso in my life here...

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