Sunday, November 13, 2011

week 60_Yongle Fabric Market, Dihua Street

With the start of November, we have officially entered the 'wet' season in Taipei. However, for this girl, that still means a great time to get out and about! The heat has finally let up here, and the "cold" has not truly set in yet (despite what local fashions might lead you to believe...). Scarves and winter coats for 65F? Really?..... I like the contrast of the rainy days to the hot, hot summers, and the rain here is usually a light drizzle to moderate rain - rarely the kind of weather that would truly confine me to indoors.

This weekend, I finally, finally, made it to the Yongle Fabric Market on Dihua Street to explore! I have tried to go many times, but my timing has always been off and so this was my first chance to truly meander the entire market and see what they have to offer! Markets are abundant in Taipei, and this is a market dedicated entirely to sewing related crafts.

For some great photos, check out another blog here
I've been scheming some creative ideas for our apartment, and I thought that finding a few fabrics could be the best inspiration! Seeing the market in person though, let me know that if I am truly seeking the perfect fabric, I should probably have a color concept in mind before I go --- and return without the husband in tow. The market had rows upon rows of stalls with every fabric you could imagine, plus all of the ribbons, trims, and accessories. With the thousands of options to choose from, I am absolutely certain that I could spend days there scrutinizing the unlimited choices one by one. This is the kind of place that could make even an engineer wish they were a seamstress!

Unfortunately the markets' scheduled hours (M-Sat 10am-6pm) mean that I won't be returning until next Saturday, but that gives me a week to zero in on the perfect color inspirations for our home. I cannot wait to go back! I have the feeling I may be spending my afternoon there next time :)

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