Monday, October 17, 2011

week 56_*TV star*

Ok... maybe not quite ;)

While I was busy flying back from Toronto early last week, Taiwan was busy celebrating 'Double 10' day [10-10-2011] commemorating the founding of the Republic of China, AND National Geographic Asia aired a new show for the first time featuring Yours Truly! [Too bad that I was literally in flight for this momentous occasion]

It's true, I may have only had a total of.... 30 seconds (?) airtime... but hey, I'll take it! :)
The show was an hour long feature about TAIPEI 101 Tower and a yacht called the Eco Ark. So, really the portion talking about the environmental strategies of 101 only spanned probably half an hour. It only begins to scratch the surface of the building's complexity, and the numerous efforts involved in the process to reduce the environmental impact of the tower... but it was exciting to be included and to see that I actually did not get 100% edited out of the final cut! Lucky for me, my sweet husband sat patiently on the sofa with his iPhone and tried to record clips as he could just in case I was about to be featured on screen, so I've seen a mini-preview of the actual show by now.

Nonetheless, since I didn't get to watch the original showing, I have already marked my calendar for the next showing that is feasible based on my work schedule. Tuesday, November 8th at 8pm --- I guess you know where I'll be!

Filming for NatGeo

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